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How to Get Cheap Laptops for Students?

How to Get Cheap Laptops for Students

Having a reliable laptop has become essential for students. However, the cost of laptops can often be a barrier, especially for students on a tight budget. But fear not!

We will explore various strategies, tips, and tricks on how to get cheap laptops for students without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a college student, a high schooler, or even a parent looking to provide their child with an affordable laptop, we’ve got you covered!

Why are Laptops Essential for Students?

Laptops have become an integral part of the modern educational experience. They enable students to research, take notes, collaborate, and complete assignments efficiently. With access to the internet, students can explore a vast array of resources, enhancing their learning opportunities. Furthermore, many educational institutions now require students to have a personal laptop to participate fully in online coursework and digital classrooms.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Laptop

When searching for a cheap laptop for students, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you get the best value for your money. Let’s delve into the key considerations:


The performance of a laptop is crucial for students, as it affects their ability to multitask, run software smoothly, and handle demanding tasks. Look for laptops with at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a solid-state drive (SSD) for faster storage access.

Battery Life

As students often move between classes or study locations, battery life is a critical factor. Look for laptops that offer a minimum of 8 hours of battery life to ensure they can last through a full day of classes without needing to be constantly plugged in.


For students, portability is key. Look for laptops that are lightweight and slim, making them easier to carry around campus or between classrooms. Ultrabooks or 2-in-1 convertible laptops are excellent options for their compact design.


Consider the storage capacity of the laptop based on your needs. For most students, a laptop with a 256GB SSD should suffice, as it provides a good balance between storage space and speed. However, if you anticipate storing large files or multimedia projects, consider opting for a higher capacity.

Display and Size

The display quality and size of a laptop can significantly impact the user experience. Aim for a laptop with at least a 13-inch display, as it offers a good compromise between portability and screen real estate. Additionally, consider the display resolution and look for features like an anti-glare coating for comfortable viewing in different lighting conditions.

Budgeting Tips for Student Laptops

Budgeting plays a crucial role in finding cheap laptops for students. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your budget:

Set a Realistic Budget

Before you start your search, determine how much you can comfortably spend on a laptop. Setting a realistic budget will help you narrow down your options and focus on finding the best deals within your price range.

Consider Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops can be an excellent option for students looking to save money. These are laptops that have been returned to the manufacturer, repaired (if necessary), and tested to ensure they meet quality standards. Refurbished laptops often come with a warranty and can offer significant savings compared to brand new models.

Look for Discounts and Deals

Keep an eye out for discounts and deals specifically targeted towards students. Many manufacturers and retailers offer exclusive discounts to students, so be sure to check their websites or inquire in-store. Additionally, keep an eye on seasonal sales like Back-to-School promotions, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday for potential savings.

Best Places to Find Cheap Laptops for Students

Finding affordable laptops requires exploring various avenues. Here are some of the best places to find cheap laptops for students:

Online Retailers

Online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg offer a wide range of laptops at competitive prices. Take advantage of search filters to narrow down your options based on price, specifications, and customer ratings. Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the laptop’s performance and reliability.

Student Discounts

Many laptop manufacturers, such as Apple, Dell, and Microsoft, offer exclusive discounts to students. Visit their websites or contact their customer support to inquire about student pricing and eligibility requirements. Student discounts can often save you a significant amount of money on your laptop purchase.

Local Classifieds and Auctions

Check local classified ads, online marketplaces, or auction websites for potential laptop deals. Sometimes, individuals or businesses sell their used laptops at lower prices. However, exercise caution and thoroughly inspect the laptop before making a purchase to ensure its condition and functionality.

Tech Refurbishing Programs

Some nonprofit organizations and educational institutions run tech refurbishing programs. These programs refurbish donated or retired laptops, making them available at reduced prices to students in need. Research if there are any such programs in your area and inquire about their available inventory.

Comparing Different Laptop Brands

When it comes to buying a laptop, various brands offer affordable options for students. Let’s explore a few popular laptop brands and their key features:


Dell laptops are known for their reliability and performance. The Dell Inspiron series offers affordable options for students, providing a balance between performance and affordability. Look for models like the Dell Inspiron 14 or Dell Inspiron 15, which offer decent specifications at reasonable prices.


HP laptops are renowned for their durability and versatility. The HP Pavilion series is a popular choice for students, offering a range of options to fit different budgets. Consider models like the HP Pavilion 14 or HP Pavilion x360, which provide good performance and features at affordable prices.


Lenovo laptops are known for their excellent build quality and reliability. The Lenovo IdeaPad series offers affordable options with impressive specifications. Look for models like the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 or Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5, which provide solid performance and features at budget-friendly prices.


Acer laptops are known for their affordability and value for money. The Acer Aspire series offers a range of options suitable for students. Consider models like the Acer Aspire 5 or Acer Swift 3, which provide decent performance and features at competitive prices.

Considerations for Long-Term Use

While finding a cheap laptop is important, it’s equally essential to consider its long-term use. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Warranty and Customer Support

Check the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period ensures peace of mind and protects against potential defects or issues. Additionally, reliable customer support can assist you in case you encounter any problems with your laptop.


Consider the upgradeability options of the laptop. While you may be purchasing a budget-friendly laptop initially, having the ability to upgrade components like RAM or storage in the future can extend its lifespan and improve performance.

Software Compatibility

Ensure that the laptop you choose is compatible with the software you’ll need for your studies. Check the system requirements of the software you’ll be using, such as productivity suites, design tools, or programming environments, to ensure they run smoothly on the chosen laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I find cheap laptops with good performance?

Yes, it is possible to find cheap laptops with good performance. By focusing on key specifications like the processor, RAM, and storage, you can identify affordable laptops that offer a balance between price and performance.

FAQ 2: Are refurbished laptops reliable for students?

Yes, refurbished laptops can be reliable for students. Reputable refurbishing programs thoroughly test and refurbish these laptops, ensuring they meet quality standards. Additionally, many refurbished laptops come with warranties, providing further assurance.

FAQ 3: How can I make sure my laptop purchase is secure?

To ensure a secure laptop purchase, buy from reputable retailers or directly from the manufacturer. Avoid suspicious or unknown sellers, especially when purchasing online. Research customer reviews and check for secure payment options when making your purchase.

FAQ 4: Do all laptops come with pre-installed software?

No, not all laptops come with pre-installed software. Some laptops may only include the operating system, while others may come bundled with additional software. Read the product specifications or contact the seller to confirm what software is included with the laptop.

FAQ 5: Can I upgrade the storage and RAM of a cheap laptop?

In some cases, you can upgrade the storage and RAM of a cheap laptop. However, it’s essential to research the specific model and check its upgradeability before making a purchase. Some laptops may have limitations on upgradability due to their design or components.

FAQ 6: What are the advantages of buying from a reputable brand?

Buying from a reputable brand offers several advantages. Reputable brands often have better build quality, reliable customer support, and a wider range of accessories and compatible software. They also tend to offer longer warranty periods, ensuring peace of mind for your purchase.


Getting a cheap laptop for students doesn’t mean compromising on quality or performance. By considering the factors mentioned in this guide, setting a budget, and exploring various purchasing options, you can find a reliable and affordable laptop that meets your needs as a student.

Remember to prioritize key specifications, consider refurbished options, and take advantage of student discounts. With the right research and planning, you’ll soon be equipped with a budget-friendly laptop that enhances your educational journey.

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